Introduction to the DBHcms

DBHcms is a small web content management system. 100% of flexibility is guaranteed without loosing its simplicity. You can easily make a standard website in a few minutes, or develop a complex web application with it. The time and skills required to make your website depend on of what you want to make with the DBHcms, but basically, everything is possible. To start we will see how the DBHcms works.

Logic operations, layout and content are strictly separated from each other. A page is divided in the following three branches:

  1. Content: Content is saved in the database and can be edited at runtime.  This means you don`t have to upload any files if you wish to change something. Just open the content editor and change it! This can be done anywhere, as far as you have access to internet. Some other content as for example a photo album can be created dynamically using modules or extensions.

  2. Functionality: A page often needs some functionality, for example for an e-mail form, a guestbook or a photo album. This functionality can be solved with PHP-modules or extensions that can be loaded into the page. The DBHcms core has already some standard functionality as user authentication.

  3. Layout: The layout is built with templates written in HTML and CSS-stylesheets. With the layout you define the look of your website and how content and functionality is presented.

The following graph shows how content, functionality and layout get together:

DBHcms structure

Notice that the back-end is built the same way as the front-end.  Theoretically, you could expand the back-end the same way as you do with the front-end! Later we will see how to expand the functionality of the DBHcms, but for now we will concentrate on how to make a website with the DBHcms.

Let’s start building your website!!!

Click here to start with the installation of the DBHcms ->

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